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The Bethesda Entrepreneurship Academy brings together successful entrepreneurs with teenagers for a series of fireside chats about how to create and run their own companies. Teens learn directly from the founders and CEOs of companies like Hair Cuttery, Wedding Wire, Georgetown Bagelry, Koa Sports, Factory Athletics, Prep Matters, Artworks Fine Art Studio, Grey Eagle Films, LeastStaff, CoFoundersLab, Langley Prep, Certifikid and many others about how they created their own companies, what lessons they learned along the way, and what they wish they had known in high school.

BEA was founded by Zain Yaqub, a Bethesda high school student with an entrepreneurial spirit and the determination to learn about business before he was old enough to attend college. He began asking people in the local business community if they would teach kids what they knew - and that's how BEA was born. 

Our 2019 programs will have a special focus on careers in the sports industry. For further information, please reach out to our Director of Sports Careers, Zach Yaqub, using our contact form below. Or please visit to learn more about upcoming programming. Whether you're interested in joining us as a student or a speaker, we look forward to hearing from you.

Zain Yaqub

Zain speaking at TedX Churchill in 2018.


With the skills he learned through BEA, Zain went on to create Smart Media Management, a company that  delivers website, marketing and social media services to businesses. 

As featured in Bethesda Magazine's Top Teens 2018

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Here’s what CEOs / company founders are saying about the Bethesda Entrepreneurship Academy:

Bethesda Magazine, Steve Hull

"I waited until I was in my 40s to do what you’re doing as teenagers. I’m constantly talking to other entrepreneurs to learn from them - learning about the keys to their success, how they’ve dealt with challenges and what their plans are - and that’s exactly what you are doing here."

WeddingWire, Timothy Chi

"I can’t tell you how much it impresses me, that you’re learning and talking about entrepreneurship at such a young age."

Koa Sports, Tony Korson

"This class is amazing. I didn’t have an entrepreneurial skill set when I was a kid. I didn’t know there WAS a skill set like this when I was a kid."

Grey Eagle Films, Jonathan Adler

"I wish I had been in this room when I was a teenager. The first time I had anybody in a room that I could talk to about business and entrepreneurship was when I was 33 years old. So having something like this, this is amazing."

Certifikid, Jamie Ratner

"I wish all teenagers could take a class like this. If I had found a group like this at your age, it would have been awesome. You are meeting with so many successful business people, you are getting the chance to develop mentors - something I never had. This is the greatest thing ever!"

Factory Athletics, Steve Sclafani

"I love the freedom that running my own company provides for my family and for myself. By being in this room, you’re learning how to have that freedom for yourself.", Shahab Kaviani

"I’ve benefited tremendously from mentors who’ve helped advance my businesses, I only wish I had discovered them sooner. Having an opportunity to connect with experienced entrepreneurs and potentially connect with mentors is so valuable for budding entrepreneurs, you can’t even put a price on it."

Langley Prep, Amir Mousavi

"Any teen with entrepreneurial interests would benefit greatly from this class. You don't learn this stuff in high school or college. I got into entrepreneurship in my late twenties after working several corporate jobs I had no interest in. I only wish there was a class like this when I was in high school to draw me in earlier in life.", David Schek

"Sitting down with mentors like this is an invaluable process. This in an entrepreneurship boot camp. You are learning all the right stuff and at the right time. Just by being in a program like this, you are light years ahead of most of your peers."

The Strategic Peacock, Marisa Peacock

"The Bethesda Entrepreneurship Academy is perfect for students who want to shape the world they are going to live in. " 

Save the Date, LLC, Cara Weiss

"Zain has the classes very well organized. He runs a tight ship and truly cares about everyone's learning potential. I appreciated being a part of the program and will always love teaching anyone about my experiences.  This is a great platform to teach and to learn!"

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